Dive Number: 108 23/11/10 18.51 The Springs

Wind:  10knot N’s???

Tide:   1 hour before 0.23 low tide at the heads

Conditions:  Awesome conditions….reasonably clean water with nice visbility and no surge or swell.

Visibilty: 10m.

Water Temp: 17c

Bottom Time: 68 minutes

Max Depth: 3.5m

Air usage: 140bar/2000psi

SAC: ???? litres/min

Details: Wow..what a dive. Sometimes you just get out of the water and think you live in the best place in the world. It was a still warm balmy evening with a beautiful sunset. But more importantly, i’d just spent an hour being nibbled, harrassed and eyeballed by some large colourful Leatherjackets. Ok i have a strange idea of fun, but it was an experience and a half. All the leatherjackets were coloured up nicely in there adult breeding coats, and were frisky as hell. Their reflections in my dome port and strobe lens made my presence irristable to check out…which is what you want as a photographer. I was actually patting a leatherjacket at one stage and it did mind a bit.  In fact at one stage, he give me a toothy bite on the glove because i think he thought my hand was part of the reflection he saw of himself, and though i was cutting in on his act. Anyway, had a great give with brown-lined, six-spined, yellow-striped, and horseshoe  leatherjackets all turning up, and blue throated wrasse cruising around too, with lots of juvie wrasse and some moonlighters.  

Camera Details: Canon 17-40mm , dual SS200 strobes

Dive Report:

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