Dive Number: 15 14/03/2010 14.01 The Springs, Pt Lonsdale

Wind: 10 knot Easterlies (mean to be northerlies)

Tide: 2 hours before 0.53 low tide at the heads

Conditions: Nice day but easterlies were chopping up the surface a bit.

Bottom Type: Low reef with some overhangs.

Visibilty: 3-4m

Water Temp: 20c

Bottom Time: 32 minutes

Max Depth: 4.4m

Air usage: 60bar/800psi

SAC: 13.6 litres/min

Details: I thought i’d give the Springs a look before heading to Cottage. Very dirty and surgey, but interesting. There were some Silver Drummer swimming around over the seagrass. The Springs seems to be one of the most diverse sites for fish, and i haven’t seen these anywhere else. I headed out deeper and found some little caverns and overhangs. I took a couple of shots and something didn’t seem right…no strobe flash! I checked a few setting, checked a few connnections, and then realised that the hotshoe adaptor wasn’t on the hotshoe properly…damn! So i thought i’d try a few ambient light shots, and then head over to cottage, fixing the setup before diving of course.

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm fisheye, single SS200 strobe.

Dive Report: Photography was limited due to my strobe not being connected properly. I should have looked at it as an opportunity for ambient light shots instead of bailing on the dive, but i was keen to keep the air for cottage.

I did get some shots of a cool cavern i found, that had an opening that streamed light through it, that was obscured by kelp every time the surge moved back and forth, spewing the kelp fronds in and out of the opening, creating some amazing lighting affects.

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