After finding a Warty Prowfish on our first dive, I considered myself a lucky diver and a happy man.

On the way to our second dive, I saw a splash off it the distance…”a strange breaking wave”, I thought. I scanned the ocean surface for more signs of movement, and all of a sudden, up rose a leviathan of the sea. A Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) leapt from the ocean, leaving only the tip of its tail beneath the surface…rising triumphantly out of the ocean to body slap the water in an attempt to displace any parasites that had joined it for the ride to the Victorian coastline. Wow…breathtaking. I grabbed the telephoto lens…brought along for just the occasion. It continued to put on a show and leapt from the water 8-10 times. Telephoto from a boat is difficult to get a focus lock, but I managed a couple of keepers.

I was one happy boater…a Warty Prowfish and a breaching Humpback Whale in the one day…