Dive Number: 115 22/12/10 11.02  Rapid Bay Jetty

Wind:   10knot  SE’s

Tide: 1.25hrs after 0.14 low tide at Port Lincoln.

Conditions:   A bit of offshore wind early in the morning, turning to onshore later in the day, but the point in between turned the water perfectly clear. Some surface chop on entry, but generally great conditions. 

Visibilty: Awesome…20m+

Water Temp: 18c

Bottom Time: 104 minutes

Max Depth: 8.9m

Air usage: 175bar/2500psi ????

SAC: ???? litres/min

Details: Wow..what a dive site. Sometimes you hear a good wrap about a site and you just dont see it. But Rapid Bay blew me away…almost seemed like a tropical pier dive with the great vis and amount of marine life.  It seemed to have all the same fish species we have in Port Phillip Bay but in much greater numbers, and  with its own unique mix of other temperate species.  The main reason i visited though, was for the Leafy Seadragon, which i unfortunately dipped on.  There was just too many other distractions to do a thorough search.  Anyway, another trip is on the cards for the future. 

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm , dual SS200 strobes

Dive Report: