02/09/2011 15.00 Thompsons Creek, Breamlea

Tide:  ???

Wind: Southerly???

Conditions: ????

Bottom Type: Sandy estuarine river mouth.

Bottom Time: NA

Details:  Some more under-overs this time without getting wet.

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm




Just for my interest, i decided to write some online calculators to determine the Maximum Operating Depth (MOD) and Equivalent Air Depth (EAD). I’ve added these as “pages”, so they can be accessed in the header links of the site. But here’s some links to them:

MOD Calculator
EAD Calculator



I’ve just added a new lightbox viewer for images in the posts. Previously, when you clicked on an image it would open that image in a boring white new screen. I think this looks much nicer now and you can scroll through each of the images in the post without having to read my uninspiring commentary! ;) I’ve also decided to increase the size of the images so you can see the same detail i do when i’m editting them.

Here’s a fly as an example of what the new lightbox and size will look like:

Let me know what you think…especially if the image size is too big for your screen and you have to scroll around to see the whole image. Thanks!



A couple of months ago i joined the wetpixel forum.

Its a forum for underwater photographers to share info , display photos and do other forumy things. They have a weekly photography competition which i’ve entered twice so far.

Last week i found out i won the “Most Awesomest Screwup” category with my image of a cleaner shrimp entitled “Spaaaaccceee Shrimp”. I’m very proud to win such a distingiushed category. ; )

Here’s my image:



Well..i’ve finally done it!

Over the Australia day weekend, I got around to getting my Open Water Scuba Certificate. HURRAY!

I’ve been snorkelling for about 2 years, and taking photos on snorkel could only take me so far. So i’ve finally taken the plunge into Scuba. I cant wait!

I decided i need to create a blog to log my dives, share photos, and generally share the love about the underwater world.

Feel free to log in and comment on my blog.