13/09/2010 12.45 Tweed Heads Seaway

Wind: ????

Tide: 2.19 high tide at Tweed Heads

Conditions: Light winds but overcast and a touches of rain.

Bottom Type: Rock wall breakwater with little growth

Visibilty: 10m

Water Temp: 19c

Snorkel Time: 60minutes

Details: On the way back from Byron the plan was to get a sneaky dive in before i flew out at 7pm that night. I still had 7 hr desat time on my computer from the diving the day before, so decided not to risk diving and just snorkelled instead. I hired a weight belt from Kirra Dive just up the road..they charged me $15…big thumbs down to Kirra dive for that! I ended up running into some crew i met on the Cod Hole dive in Byron who said they had a spare belt…oh well. Ended up just snorkelling along the wall trying to photogrpah some of the smaller fish around. I hoped for some nudi’s but despite seeing a couple of egg spirals didn’t spot any. Best find for the day was a fully inflated Soccer ball in near mint position. Not the kid of thing you expect to find 1 metre underwater! It somehow got jammed into the rocks..probably from a fierce incoming tide..good find though..looks like its in the vicinity of $200! My nephew scored it to kick around.

Camera Details: Canon 100mm , single SS200 strobe

Dive Report: