Dive Number: 185  14/08/11  15.23,  Three Ships,  Hervey Bay

Wind:   10 north-easterlies???

Tide:  ???


Visibilty:   2-3m.

Water Temp: 18c

Bottom Time: 57minutes

Max Depth: 16.3m

Air usage: 200bar/3000psi

SAC: ???? litres/min

Details: This was my wreck dive for my AOW.  Vis was still atrocious as a wobbegong found out when he found my elbow on his head. Large cod hung out under the bow of the ship, and schools swum above the decrepit hull. After spooking a large flathead, he posed for a photo. Interesting dive, but damn dirty.

Camera Details:  Tokina  10-17mm ,  Inon 2000 + Sea and Sea Ys-120 Strobe (fired optically with difficulties)