Dive Number: 137 17/02/11  18.56 ,  Geelong Promenade

Wind:   15knot S’s

Tide:  2hrs before 0.20 low tide at Geelong.

Conditions:  Overcast and dark condition, humid but stable conditions.

Visibilty: 2m

Water Temp: 22c

Bottom Time: 73minutes

Max Depth: 4.7m

Air usage: 80bar/1200psi

SAC: ???? litres/min

Details:    Me Stupid. I just made a eyepiece extender for the housing  out of an old point and shoot  telephoto lens. I made up a temporary bracket to hold it onto the existing  eyepiece out of some stainless steel and some screws.  The whole point of this dive was to test out this eyepiece to see how water flooding it (and pressure) would affect it. Silly me just followed old habits, put on my dive gear and then clipped on my camera to the D-ring on my harness and walked to the entry point. I trugded across the seagrass beds and out under the promenade and then realised….my eyepiece extender aint there no more.  Damn it! Lost before i even got to try it out.  Anyway, vis was horrid but i tried to just get a few shots of the smaller fish that were around. I found a nother feral i hadn’t seen before, a Trident Goby or Japanese Goby- Tridentiger trigonocephalus. There were a few brevicardum ceratasomas around and also a pair of Polycera Hedgepethi”s. Found some poor dudes car keys, and 20 cents! (not enough to replace the eyepiece..so i left it for other treasure hunters ;) Here’s some crappy shots in crappy vis.

Camera Details: Canon 100mm , single SS200 strobes.

Dive Report:



On Wednesday, my gear arrived from the US! Really quick postage…very impressed with the service However, i didn’t allow for customs charges, duty and taxes, so my savings from ordering from OS wasn’t as much as i expected.

Anyway, I got my tank filled and headed down to the “lovely” Geelong Promenade for a bit of a test run of the gear. Here’s the deets of my first dive with my new gear:

Dive Number: 5 17/02/2010 19.00 Geelong Promenade

Bottom Type: Mud

Visibilty: 3m

Water Temp: 22c

Bottom Time: 24 minutes

Max Depth: 3.3m

Air usage: 35bar

Details: Gear Test