Dive Number: 139 24/02/11  15.03,  Queenscliff Pier

Wind:   5-10knot S’s

Tide:  3hrs beofre 1.60 high tide at the heads.

Conditions:  Nice day..gentle variable winds but S-SE’s-SW’s all week long. Shore breakers, strong surge and northerly-westerly current.

Visibilty: 3-4m

Water Temp: 20c

Bottom Time: 68minutes

Max Depth: 3.2m

Air usage: 105bar/1500psi

SAC: ???? litres/min

Details:    shite..tossed around in shallow surgey, sand-infest water..trying to do macro shots.

Camera Details: Canon 100mm , single SS200 strobes.

Dive Report:



Dive Number: 41 22/05/2010 14.46 Queenscliffe Pier

Wind: 5 knot SE’s

Tide: 3.5hrs after 0.46 low tide at the heads

Conditions: Great day for diving, sunny, light winds and smooth bay. A bit of a current running, but bareable.

Bottom Type: Sand base with wooden pylons, but very little rock or litter scatter.

Visibilty: 5m

Water Temp: 14c

Bottom Time: 44 minutes

Max Depth: 3.1m

Air usage: 70bar/1000psi

SAC: 14.9 litres/min

Details: I had an uncomfortable amount of air left that i just had to use. Not enough for a long dive, but not little enough for a refill. So being such a great day, i headed to queenscliffe pier which i’d only ever snorkelled. Very little fish life here, due to no structure on the seabed, but the pylons contain impressive sponges, ascidians, sea tulips etc.

Camera Details: Canon 17-40mm , single SS200 strobe.

Dive Report: Queenscliffe pier has possibly the most colourful growth i’ve seen on a pier dive. Well..maybe not the most colourful, but the most subdued colours. Other piers like St Leonards and Blairgowrie has strong oranges, bright pinks, and deep browns. Queenscliffe seemed to have light purples, gentle oranges, and subtle cream sponges and ascidians, mixed in with the sea tulips its a nice dive for the unique pylon life. A real pity there isn’t much structure to support more fish life. These small leatherjackets were about it in terms of fish, with a few wrasse and a blenny or two.

Needless to say i focussed on the pylons for the rest of the dive.