Dive Number: 411 30/11/2012 Bull Plateau, 13th Beach

Conditions: Lighting Storms, but dead calm water

Visibilty: 10m

Water Temp: ??c

Bottom Time: 60minutes

Max Depth: 12m

Details: Lighting Storms flashed over the ocean, but the ocean remained eerily calm. This site is the first main carpark past the bluff, and is usually very swell affected being hit by the brunt of the SW swells, but not today. This is a tough walk with big stairs, but wow…cool dive. A shallowish plateau of reef covered in bull kelp and crayweed. Then reaching the back at the drop off turns into a ‘secret garden’ of wonderful sealife. This was an excillarting dive…diving 13th always seems to do that too me. Unfortunately my run of camera bad luck continued with a flat camera battery.

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm, 2 X YS-D1 Strobes