Dive Number: 99 06/11/10 13.48 The Springs

Wind: A couple of days of strong easterlies – current 10-15knot easterlies

Tide:   2hrs after 1.35 high tide at the Heads

Conditions:  Fantastic..clear water, little surge.

Visibilty: 10m+

Water Temp: 15c

Bottom Time: 83 minutes

Max Depth: 85.3m

Air usage: 105bar/1500psi

SAC: ???? litres/min

Details: I had such a great dive at the Springs that i wanted to do a longer dive with more air.  Heaps of fish life around again, and i even got a shot with about 5 species of fish in the one shot. I found some nice starfish too, that made great subjects.  There was a great little ridge that was full of life…it was out to the left as you stand at the boat ramp, and about 150m out. Its top was only about 1-2m below the surface and was carved out through the centre creating a great little shelter for fish to dart in and out of feeding.          

Camera Details: Canon 17-40mm , dual SS200 strobes

Dive Report:

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