Dive Number: 288 01/04/12 13.17, Lake Eildon – Jerusalem Creek

Wind: ???

Tide: ???


Visibilty: 8m

Water Temp: 20c

Bottom Time: 16minutes

Max Depth: 5.6m

Air usage:

SAC: ???? litres/min

Details: For the final dive Hui suggested somewhere different, so we headed over to jerusalem gully to dive the area at the boat ramp there. This area had more native trees and was more gentley sloping. As we headed out the water looked very cloudy. We descended and was quickly amongst the branches of a large gum. The visibility was only a couple of meters i felt very unsafe with potential snag hazards all around us. After pushing on for 10 minutes i decided to call the dive. Overall it was a great weekend of diving so i didn’t want to ruin it by drowning on the last dive. ;)

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm , SS200 Strobes