31/03/2010 18.55 Point Lonsdale Rockpools

Wind: 15 knot Southerlies

Tide: 30mins before 0.52 low tide at the Heads

Bottom Type: Rockpools

Bottom Time: 60 minutes

Max Depth: 1m

Camera Details: Canon 100mm macro, dual SS200 strobe.

Dive Report: I haven’t been down to the rockpools in a while and thought it would be a good spot to try out the snoots. Aiming the snoots on snorkel is difficult as you generally don’t have the time or hands free to position the strobes accurately. So it was pretty hit and miss, but a couple of shots came out ok.

Phyllodesmium serratum are always common, and make a good subject.

A flatworm i’m yet to identify:

A cleaner shrimp portrait:

A really unexpected sighting was this crested weedfish. This is the first one i’ve seen on the bellarine peninsula. The only other one i saw was at Flinder Peir in Western Port bay.

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  1. Love the Weedfish Pete, it’s a Cristiceps aurantiacus. I’ve yet to see one for myself.

  2. Sweeeet! I thought it was just a different colouration of a crested, but a “Golden weedfish” makes much more sense. Tough little buggar to photograph. Thanks for the ID!

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