Dive Number: 25 02/04/2010 12.12 Portarlington Pier

Wind: 20 knot Southerlies

Tide: 45min before 0.14 low tide at the Geelong

Conditions: Windy, overcast and a very low tide. Lots of sediment in the water.

Bottom Type: Rock wall breakwater covered in weed on sand base.

Visibilty: 3m

Water Temp: 20c

Bottom Time: 90 minutes

Max Depth: 4.0m

Air usage: 75bar/1000psi

SAC: 7.2 litres/min

Details: I wanted to see if the Boarfish was still hanging around Portarlington Pier, but I didn’t like my chances. I headed straight out the back and along the rockwall break of the peir. Conditions where pretty horrible, and a few boats on the outside of the pier too. Generally a pretty crappy day for diving, with little around of interest.

Camera Details: Canon 17-40mm, single SS200 strobe.

Dive Report: I headed straight for the end of the pier to where I last sighted the Boarfish. On the way I tried a couple of shots of the pylons with the multitude of feral fanworms fanning out off them.

Continuing out the back I didn’t spot the boarfish and continued along the wall. There were plenty of the common fish around, globefish, toadfish, moonlighters and old wives, with a large school of zebrafish darting around in and out of the rocks. There were also big schools of hulafish, so I tried some long exposure shots of the schools, not really getting any satisfying shots using this technique.

Some Weed Whiting nibbled away at a fishermans bait…. gee

people are so nice giving fish a free feed!

On the way back in, i took another shot of the pylons, this one with an 11-armed starfish on it:

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