Its been a quiet few months for nudibranchs at the rockpools, with lower numbers and diversity than usual. Today i only saw 4 species…all fairly common species.

I concentrated on getting some decent photos of Madrella Sanguine…a brilliant red nudibranch.

This Tritonia sp seemed to have more orange than others i’d photographed.

Tylodina corticalis is frequently seen in the rockpools. This one was the biggest i’d seen with a well developed shell.

After a thorough search i gave up on finding any more nudi’s and photographed this very dopey looking wrasse.

Theres plenty of these cardinalfish around the rock shelves, but this little guy must have got trapped in the rockpools by itself.

I’m not exactly sure what this is, some type of hydriod maybe??? Floating midwater.

This is another strange critter….its not a nudibranch but some type of worm.

Always plenty of Thornfish in the rockpools.

Also lots of big Seacarp in the pool today…outnumbering the zebrafish.

Zebrafish are always curious…but keep thier distance.