04/04/2010 13.00 Point Lonsdale Rockpools

Wind: 15 knot NE”s

Tide: 3 hours after 0.16 low tide at the Heads

Bottom Type: Rockpools

Bottom Time: 100 minutes

Max Depth: 1m

Camera Details: Canon 100mm macro, single SS200 strobe and snoot

Dive Report: Another late arrival, but another big low tide. There were people everywhere on the platform, including some poms hassling a surf crab at the rockpool, which i found a limb of when i entered. The said they had recently harrased an octopus as well.

I jumped in and quickly found my first nudi…another common species ?????????????

I kept searching and soon spotted some large purple tenticles coming towards me, and then spotted the Maori Octopus peering out of the kelp.

I nearly put my wide-angle lens on for this dive, but thought ‘what could i possibly see in the rockpools that needs a wide angle?’ I had to make so with some eye close ups.

Seastars occassionally turn up in the pools, being common around the rockshelves. This one was was actively moving around.

A White-faced Heron hunted on the edge of the pools. I was hoping i could get a shot of it plunging its head underwater as it grabbed a fish, but it stuck to the shallows.

The pool soon flooded and i had a bit of a paddle around the rockshelve, where few juvenile Herringcale darted about. Damn these guys are hard to get a photo of!

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