06/04/2010 11.15 Point Lonsdale Rockpools

Wind: 10 knot NE”s

Tide: 30min after 0.22 low tide at the Heads

Bottom Type: Rockpools

Bottom Time: 130 minutes

Max Depth: 1m

Camera Details: Canon 100mm macro, dual SS200 strobes and snoot + diffusers

Dive Report: I really felt the change in temperature today…the rockpools were freezing and i was shivering within an hour. Possibly because of the holes in my wetsuit that look like i’ve been attacked by a shark! But again, not a lot of nudi’s around, so i decided to try some new lighting techniques with the snoot and some new diffusers i made up for my second strobe.

First subject was Phyllodesmuim macphersonaea. I tried some backlighting, and attempted to backlight the kelp it was grazing on.

This shot made me feel like i must be torturing these little guys with light!

I moved on to a thornfish (thornfish love light! : )

Then tried some black and white shots with moody lighting:

There’s just too many Cleaner Shrimps in the pools to avoid taking photos of one…a quick try at a backlight shot before it jumped on the camera and started cleaning it.

A tiny Doto Pita is always a hard little critter to focus on..being only about 5mm.

A lone Smooth Toadfish wasn’t very afraid of my presence…allowing nice closeup shots of it.

I decided to play around the rock shelves and see if i could nail a shot of the Herring Cale that where around yesterday. I still didn’t get the shot i was after but these are bettter than yesterdays.

Movie strip framing seems to lend enhance the imagination and improve the image, i might start framing pics like this:

This ‘toddler’ magpie perch posed to the camera..what a cute face!

It was agood fish day, with this Victorian Scaly fin also enjoying posing for the camera. This is probably my favorite shot of the day.

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