BOM predicted some nasty SE winds today(which never really eventuated), so i decided to check out Portarlington Pier, being nice and protected from southerlies.

It must be Cardinalfish breeding time, since i saw 3 seperate individuals carrying eggs in their mouths. I’m not sure how/what they eat in the meantime??? eggs???

I was hoping to find some new nudibranchs, but i only saw this Oxynoe Viridis.

On my way home i decided to check out a nearby seagrass reef that turned up a couple of Philinopsis species last time i went there. Seems like its a good spot for this family of nudi’s, with about 20 Targona species seen and 3 Cyanea.

Philinopsis Taronga

Philinopsis Cyanea

It’s also a good habitat for Spotted Pipefish, but most are fairly young.

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