Dive Number: 48 13/06/2010 14.22 St Leonards Pier

Wind: 10 knot SW

Tide: 3 hours before 1.11 high tide at Geelong

Conditions: An overcast day without subshine all day, but no great rain either. Conditions around the waters at end of the peninsula were very still and conditions looks clean from land.

Bottom Type: Pier pylons on sand base.

Visibilty: 7-10m

Water Temp: 13c

Bottom Time: 72 minutes

Max Depth: 3.9m

Air usage: 110bar/1500psi

SAC: 13.7 litres/min

Details: Another day of very good vis, but very dark due to overcast conditions. I decided to put the fisheye on this dive and hoped to come across the decorator crab again and hopefully see some other large subjects. The water is starting to get icy cold, and i descended as soon as possible. My face and hands were really feeling the cold on entry. Something even a drysuit isn’t going to fix!

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm fisheye , single SS200 strobe.

Dive Report: The 5 armed seastar is a pest in port phillip and i saw this one crawling along the sandy bottom almost like it was invading.

A Mosiac Leather Jacket tried to blend into the pylon growth.

The decorator crab wasn’t out in the open feeding like my last dive here, but instead was clinging to the side of the pylon.

An old pylon stump with some growth.

One of the Native stars, the 11-armed starfish:

This Mosiac Leather swore he was camoflaged and that i couldn’t see him.

A cluster of anemones beneath brown Algea.

A cute little baby Globefish.

The Mosiac Leatherjackets were out in force today.

Ascidians on the pylons.

A swimminng anemone:

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