Dive Number: 37 09/05/2010 12.17 St Leonards Pier

Wind: ????

Tide: 2hrs after 0.82 high tide at Geelong

Conditions: Average.

Bottom Type: Pier pylons on sand base.

Visibilty: 3-4m

Water Temp: 16c

Bottom Time: 82 minutes

Max Depth: 4.1m

Air usage: 110bar/1600psi

SAC: 12.5 litres/min

Details: The conditions and vis where avergae but i still went out with my fisheye lens on. The find of the day was a brand new Jarvis Walker fishing rod. I gotta say it felt wierd swimming underwater holding a fishing rod ; )

Camera Details: Canon 17-40mm , dual SS200 strobe.

Dive Report:

A cluster of Anemones:

In your face pylon sponge:

Some hulafish swimming around the pylons:

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