Dive Number: 202  22/10/11  17.24,  Pt Lonsdale Kelp Forest

Wind:   15knot northerlies

Tide:   Slack water at the Heads

Conditions: Surgey with waves of swell running past the platform.

Visibilty:   6m

Water Temp: 14.8c

Bottom Time: 51minutes

Max Depth: 4.4m

Air usage: 70bar/1000psi

SAC: ???? litres/min

  • Details:  Chris and Harry were keen to check out the Kelp Forest and pretty sure they were impressed by the sight. Conditions weren’t the best, and swell was lapping up onto the platform making entry difficult.  The surge was a little unnerving, but vistas are worth it.  Harry found a Johnston Weedfish sitting in the algae..a great find! The surge continueously pushed the weed over it, making it difficult to get a clear shot at it, but chris and harry did a great job of holding back the weed so i could get a couple of records shots.  Thanks Guys! This is always an impressive dive.

Camera Details:  Tokina 10-17mm ,  SS200/SS400 Strobe