Dive Number: 175  31/07/11  15.35,  Pt Lonsdale Outer Reef

 Wind:   10-15knot north/north-easterlies

Tide:  Slack Water at the Heads

Conditions:  Still a lovely day, but cloud increasing. Swell still low, with low surge against the platform. Aquarium like visibility.

Visibilty:   15m.

Water Temp: 12c

Bottom Time: 37minutes

Max Depth: 5.5m

Air usage: 70bar/1000psi

SAC: ???? litres/min

Details:  Just when i thought diving couldn’t get any better, i hit the outer ledges on slack water. It was liking diving in an aquarium, with immaculate vis, and fish life everywhere. The sun was low in th sky and the ambient light underwater was ethereal. Unforunately i ran out of strobe batteries and memory from the previous dive, so not much to show..but it was just great to sit back and take in the views. At the end of the dive, a bottom dwelling fish (maybe a flounder or sole) swam past me in midwater…very strange to see..almost like a minature ray.

Camera Details:  Tokina  10-17mm ,  SS400 Strobe

Dive Report:

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