Dive Number: 200  21/10/11  15.45,  Pt Lonsdale Kelp Forest

Wind:   15knot northerlies

Tide:   Slack Water at the Heads


Visibilty:   6m

Water Temp: 15.2c

Bottom Time: 53minutes

Max Depth: 4.2m

Air usage: 70bar/1000psi

SAC: ???? litres/min

Details:  I was looking foward to seeing the Kelp Forest that Phil had been photographying over the last couple of weeks, and i wasn’t disappointed. This area is very slack water dependent and the currents that rip through shark alley (or the swashaway) can be fearsome. So finding the right day with low swell and the right slack water timing was essential. I felt safe despite the surge and the towering algae forests that not only limit visibility, but also provide some major tangling hazards, (especially with a camera rig like mine), so a knife is an essential bit of kit hear.  It was hard to capture the ambience of these kelp forests on camera…so i’m going to keep trying but a couple of pics came out ok.

P.s. Didn’t even realise this was my 200th dive else i would have scared you al with some human nudi photos ! ; )

Camera Details:  Tokina 10-17mm ,  SS200/SS400 Strobe