Dive Number: 201  22/10/11  14.36,  Beach 10B – Search for Freindly Bommie

Wind:   15knot northerlies

Tide:   1hr before low tide at the Heads

Conditions: A bit of current around.

Visibilty:   6m

Water Temp: 14.8c

Bottom Time: 82minutes

Max Depth: 9.9m

Air usage: 70bar/1000psi

SAC: ???? litres/min

Details:  Caught up with Chris and Harry for a search for the illusive Friendly Bommie. In true Friendly Bommie tradition it was found right at the end of the dive on basically zero air, but its always the journey that makes it interesting.  The current and visibility where fairly poor, but on decent we dropped straight onto a big smooth ray, who took off pretty quickly. The biggest highlight of the dive was a very photographic Varied Catshark. A small cuttlefish also put in an appearance.  It was great to find friendly bommie, but despite the name the three cowfish we saw weren’t that happy to see us. Always great to see this fish over this side though.

Camera Details:  Tokina 10-17mm ,  SS200/SS400 Strobe