Dive Number: 146 12/03/11  13.43, Marengo, Apollo Bay

Wind:   10 knot S’s

Tide:  3hours before 1.47 high tide at the heads.

Conditions:   The winds had swung around to a southerly and the swell was picking up. The tide was also coming in, so conditions were conspiring against me, but in comparison to usual conditions in this part of the world they were prtety good.  Slight surge, but the vis was fairly good.  Breakers on the outer reef, which moved to the inner reef as the tide came in.


Water Temp: 18c

Bottom Time: 20minutes

Max Depth: 7.5m

Air usage: 35bar/500psi

SAC: ???? litres/min

Details:   After a failed dive at Torquay, i didn’t want to waste the day and decided the next available airfill option to replace my dirty air was Apollo Bay, which has just had a shop open that does fills. It was a risk..i didn’t even know if it was open, but i assumed it was, so headed on down the coast admiring all the potential dive sites along the way that looked diveable if i had air.  I got to Apollo Bay and found the fishing shop which had a sign saying they did fills. They only have a small generator, so i dropped it off, had some lunch and headed back in 30mins when it was ready. After getting down to Marengo,  i geared up and headed out along the rocks to find a suitable entry point.  After a fairly dicey entry, i dropped down into about 7m, with large scatter bommies covered in kelp. I went to take a photo, and… nothing….my card was full (must have reemed off 300 shots accidently of the car boot). No probs..i’ll just format the card. Nope..if the camera is slightly misaligned in the housing the housing button doesn’t quiet hit the “set’ button on the camera.  Usually i can hold the housing upside down and give it a little bang into position, but it just wasn’t going to happen. I had to abort the dive, head back to the car and reposition the camera in the housing.  Two continuous dive blogs without photos….a first!  

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm , dual SS200 strobes

Dive Report:

No Photos : (  …again.

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