30/12/2010  ???  Curlewis

Tide:  high tide at geelong???

Wind: Southerly???

Conditions: Again, always pretty good on southerlies..water not the cleanest.

Bottom Type:  Sand and rocky reef lunnette.

Bottom Time: 120 minutes

Details:  I checked out the shallower rocky areas on this snorkel and checked out some of the blenny residents of the rocks. There’s always Tasmanian Blennies and Oyster blennies(feral imports) here.  Out a bit further i stumbled onto a Short-headed seahorse, which i haven’t seen at Curlewis before. A skeleton shrimp taunted the seahorse at one stage, then seemed to conduct an orchestra from a prominent position atop a weed  

Camera Details: Canon 100mm , single SS200 strobe.

Dive Report:

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