Dive Number: 45 29/05/2010 14.20 Lascelles Wharf

Wind: 5 knot NE

Tide: 1hr after 0.31 low tide at Geelong

Conditions: A beautiful still day, clear skies with a couple of fluffy clouds.

Bottom Type: Muddy base with weed covered rock wall, and a couple of peir pylons and walls.

Visibilty: 3m

Water Temp: 15c

Bottom Time: 30 minutes

Max Depth: 10.9m

Air usage: 50bar/800psi

SAC: 14.5 litres/min

Details: The last few days have been near perfect with little wind. The western side of Port Phillip Bay is notoriously mucky, so i thought this was a good opportunity to check out this area. A couple of years ago a Southern right whale was in this general area, and it has a reputation with snapper fisherman, so i expected some pretty deep water, (and possibly some handguns and dead bodies!) Luckyily i saw none of the former, but also little else, mainly due to the crap vis. There were a few orange sponges on the rocks, blubber jellies floating near the surface and sea cucumbers on the mud. Generally not a recommended dive site…but its filled my cursiousity..

Camera Details: Sigma17-70mm , single SS200 strobe.

Dive Report: I mustn’t have put the lens on properly this morning, and after snapping a couple of photos i got 00 aperature errors. I haven’t taken the camera out of the housing yet, so hopefully thats all the problem is.

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