I’ve just added a new lightbox viewer for images in the posts. Previously, when you clicked on an image it would open that image in a boring white new screen. I think this looks much nicer now and you can scroll through each of the images in the post without having to read my uninspiring commentary! ;) I’ve also decided to increase the size of the images so you can see the same detail i do when i’m editting them.

Here’s a fly as an example of what the new lightbox and size will look like:

Let me know what you think…especially if the image size is too big for your screen and you have to scroll around to see the whole image. Thanks!

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  1. light box not working for me mate..

    Site looks good though.. will be coming down that way again soon about a month or so.. looking for someone to go diving with when my girlfriend is to busy and show me the best spots… and maybe even share a few photography tips.. :D

  2. hmm..your using firefox yeah? Works OK on IE. I’ll keep digging.. thanks for letting me know! Let me know when your back in the G.

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