Dive Number: 272 25/02/12 11.30, Torpedo Reef, Shortlands Bluff

Wind: ???

Tide: ???

Conditions: ???

Visibilty: 10m

Water Temp: 20c

Bottom Time: 57minutes

Max Depth: 18.1m

Details: This was a cracker of a dive site. Lush seafans and sea pens, with species i’d never seen before. The site lay about a 1km off Shortlands Bluff in an area roughly know as Torpedo reef. Harry skippered the boat, while me and chris dived. Thanks Harry! We dropped in on a cuttlefish and weaved our way through scattered bommie covered in colourful sponge life. Chris came across a large admiralty anchor..one of many apparently scattered in the area. We stopped off at Pope’s Eye afterwards and i tried some under-over shots of the gannets.

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm, SS200 Strobes