Dive Number: 219 27/11/11 ????, Chinaman’s Hat – Seals

Wind: 10knot northerly

Tide: ???

Conditions: Perfect…low wind, blue skies and crystal clear water.

Visibilty: 20m+

Water Temp: 18.4c

Bottom Time: not logged

Max Depth: 5m

Details: I headed over to South Channel fort with Mick, but the tide was ripping through the area. We cruised back past Chinamans Hat so i thought i’d have another go at the Australia Fur Seals. The vis was just fantastic and the seals were very playful. I was having fun trying to photograph the swimmer crabs and the younger seals decided they looked like fun to play with too.

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm , SS400/SS200 Strobes