Dive Number: 54 27/06/2010 16.48 Blairgowrie Pier

Wind: 15 knot Westerlies

Tide: 4 hours after 1.40 high tide at the heads

Conditions: Dull and overcast., approaching dusk.

Bottom Type: Pier Pylonsand wall over sand.

Visibilty: 4m

Water Temp: 12c

Bottom Time: 32 minutes

Max Depth: 4.0m

Air usage: 70bar/1000psi

SAC: ???? litres/min

Details: Last ferry back across to queenscliffe was at six, which with early winter sunsets, meant i could almost do a night dive at Blairgowrie..but i’d had to be quick. It turned out that it was really just a dusk dive, and i didn’t see any interesting night critters that blairgowries famous for.

Camera Details: Canon 17-40mm , single SS200 strobe

Dive Report: I didn’t see much..a few crabs, a sea cucumber and admired the growth on the walls. Here’s a few pics.

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