Visibilty: Night Dive

Water Temp: ??c

Bottom Time: 80minutes

Max Depth: 13m

Details: This was the dive i came to Hawaii to do. The black water or pelagic magic night dive. A dive were you hang tethered from the boat 1km from shore in the open ocean and wait for some of the miracles of the deep to rise up on their nightly migration to the surface. It was a little intimidating at first, feeling like a piece of berley sized for a 3 metre Oceanic White Tip, but once you start focusing on the critters that appear in your torch light you soon forget about the possibilities of whats out there and start concentrating on whats in front of your eyes! Things that you could barely imagine..weird and wonderful critters pulsating with light and other phosphorescent displays. The highlight was a Pelagic Octopus that gave me an opportunity to get a few frames off. This was really difficult shooting conditions, but i felt like the years of shooting macro in the rockpools paid off.

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm 2 X YS-D1 Strobes