Visibilty: 15m

Water Temp: ??c

Bottom Time: 50minutes

Max Depth: 18m

Details: Sipadan gets rave reviews in diving circles, so when looking for a nice holiday, Borneo came up at the top of the list with amazing diving and topside wildlife. So after flying into Borneo’s capital – Kota Kinabulu – it was back on a plane and off to Tawau on the east coast of Borneo. From there, an hours drive through endless Palm Oil plantations and we arrive in the seaside port of Semporna. Now if you google Semporna you’ll get mixed reviews, together with news reports of kidnappings and shootings. This was unnerving to begin with, but as the entry point to Mabul and Sipadan, it had to be done, and with the dive shop right across from our accommodation, it gave us a small sense of security. So after a night stay in Semporna it was off to Mabul where we stayed for 5 nights. We stayed at Scuba Junkie in a private room and it really did exceed our expectations. A luxurious room, with a great social vibe in the communal eating area, bar upstairs and pretty good food..albiet a little western. So after acclimatizing it was straight into diving with the first dive just off the beach itself (but from a boat – all dives around mabul are easily accessible from shore but understandably its boat diving only.)

I quickly realised that Mabul is all about the muck and putting a wide-angled lens on wasn’t the best move. Artificial reef was OK, but would have been better had i got into the macro zone. The locals have created a number of structures to encourage marine life to establish in the area..it works to a degree, but muck critters are the stars and they seem to love more subtle structure in the sand.

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm 2 X YS-D1 Strobes