Visibilty: 8m

Water Temp: ??c

Bottom Time: 70 minutes

Max Depth: 8m

Details: Another day of howling northerlies and low swell, meant that the coast was ripe for diving. The decision was made to try out Nuns Beach, but in hindsight i probably should have headed down towards Cape Bridgewater. Nuns Beach is between the breakwater and the bluff, and after a bit of a walk along the beach, i headed out towards the reef off the bluff. It got deepish fairly quickly, but the reef wasn’t as ledgey and gnarled as i expected for an area so prolific with limestone. The dive was nice with a Weedy Seadragon, a nudibranch and a boxfish, plus some Bastard trumpeter and other schools of fish. Not the greatest structure, but a nice dive all the same.

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm 2 X YS-D1 Strobes