Date: 23rd October 2017



Water Temp: 14c

Bottom Time: 60minutes

Max Depth: 3m

Details: As part of the new Portarlington Marina, a large break wall has been constructed on the eastern side of the marina, bordering a large section of shallow natural reef. A small road was constructed down the cliff face to aid construction of the breakwall, and this now allows easy access to this part of the coastline. After an easy beach entry, i sawm along the break wall and found this Elysia Nudibranch on the weed on the wall. Sea Lettuce has covered the rocks forming the the shallow parts of the break wall. There were also a number of Lions Mane jellyfish in the area. Unfortunately the milky conditions of the water made them difficult to photograph. I swam out to near the channel marker, which was only about 3m deep. Some interesting reef out there, but not many critters.

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm, 2 X YS-D1 Strobes




Date: 11th December 2016


Visibilty: 5m

Water Temp: ??c

Bottom Time: 50minutes

Max Depth: 4m

Details: A new marina is under construction at Portarlington, to accommodate the new Ferry to Melbourne. A huge breakwall has been constructed to contain the marina, with only a small entrance now to the new harbour. I thought i’d snorkel the new arm of the pier where the new ferry terminal will be, then swim over to the breakwall. To be honest, it was a fairly uninteresting dive, with very little growth and marine life inhabiting the new structures. The breakwall will provide some interesting little caves, and overhangs for marine life to inhabit over time, but the kelp needs to establish itself first, and that hasn’t happened yet. Apart from a couple of Nudibranchs on the rocks, there really wasn’t a lot around.

Camera Details: Canon 100mm, 2 X YS-D1 Strobes