Visibility: 5m

Water Temp: ??c

Bottom Time: 120 minutes

Max Depth: 9m

Details: My trip to Tasmania wasn’t going to be complete without seeing a Handfish. The Spotted Handfish is an endangered endemic species that’s only found in Tasmania and certain parts of Victoria. The Derwent River is home to a number of sites where the chance of a sighting is good. the section of river around Bellerive sounded like the best chance, so despite the gloomy wintery conditions, i gave it a shot and hired an ali tank from a local dive shop. After gearing up, i swam out till i was in about 8m and started the search. The first cool little critter i spotted were these tiny jellies. In hindsight i should have spent longer with them trying to nail a shot, but my mind was set on Spotted Handfish. After 40 minutes of swimming between around the 8-11m depth mark, i almost conceded that it wasn’t too be, but as always with wildlife, once you give up, one appears. I spotted my first handfish! I approached quietly and got some camera settings ready. I took one shot from a safe distance, but this was enough to spook it, and it was off…gone into the muck not to be found. Although disappointed i was glad i found one and continued the dive just looking for other critters. I found an Octopus and a Cobbler, and started heading back in after around an hours dive time. As i started my way back in i spotted another Spotted Handfish. This time it didn’t mind be photographed, and i spent a good 40 minutes with it, capturing shots from different angles. I even saw this one ‘walking’ on its adapted fins while raising its crest and dorsal fin. It was great to get some shots of this unique prehistoric little fish.

Camera Details: Canon 60mm 2 X Inon z240 Strobes