Visibility: 20m

Water Temp: ??c

Bottom Time: 40minutes

Max Depth: 38m

Details: Golden Bommies is reputably the best dive at Bicheno, some say Tasmania and even Australia. I don’t like rating sites against each other, but can agree that it is a world class dive…one of the best sea-whip dive i’ve ever had. Its deep and sitting in 40m is two large 10m high bommies about 20m apart. Both bommies are covered in invertebrate life, and looking through the masses of sea whips up to the surface as the sun peers back down is a sight i wont soon forget. Me and Hui filled up with Nitrox on this dive, and it was nice to have a little extra bottom time.

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm 2 X Inon z240 Strobes