Date: 30th January 2017

Conditions: NW winds meant flat seas, but very cloudy water

Visibilty: 5m+

Water Temp: 20c

Bottom Time: 60minutes

Max Depth: 10m

Details: Our diving safari in South Australia started at Victor Harbour with a dive at ‘The Bluff’ in Encounter Bay. I wanted to dive this site last time i was over but conditions weren’t good. Although conditions weren’t ideal today, it was the only day on the 5 day forecast with winds from the north, so today was the day, despite the fairly average topside overcast skies.

After about 20 minutes in, i thought the search amongst the kelp covered granite boulders was futile, with not a single Leafy Seadragon to be seen. But after i spotted my first one (with algae covered eggs), they started popping up everywhere. All up i saw six, including one that was missing its tail, possibly a fishing line amputation. Another interesting sighting was a leafy with wrinkly/indented tail. I presume this was a male that was ready to take on eggs, and this was shaped this way to accommodate the eggs.

If it hadn’t been for the Leafies, this would have been a fairly average dive. Very surgey, and cloudy vis with not much fish life to speak of. I wasn’t overly adventurous though, staying close to the granite boulder wall under the jetty, so perhaps further around on the seaward side, it would be better.

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm, 2 X YS-D1 Strobes