Date: 4th February 2017


Visibilty: 8m

Water Temp: 20c

Bottom Time: 80minutes

Max Depth: 7m

Details: Sadly this was going to be the last dive of the trip before along drive home. Port Hughes was somewhat on the way home, and since we only dived it at night with ordinary conditions, i decided to try it again at daytime. There were lots of pipefish in the seagrass right under the main entry platform, and plenty of blennies hiding behind the soft corals on the pylons. Some very cute baby cowfish also skirted around the pylons, while the adult cowfish satyed a little further out on the sand. Plenty of both Ornate and Shaws Cowfish around. Port Hughes is a long jetty and it was fairly similar all the way out…that is until you hit the end where it was deeper, darker and much more interesting. A big school of fish was swirling around the end, and cowfish and toadfish were going nuts over some fish carcasses disposed of by fishermen. I wish i had of got out here sooner, but time was the enemy and i had to make my way back. A good dive to finish off the trip.

Camera Details: Tokina 17-70mm, 2 X YS-D1 Strobes





Visibility: Night Dive

Water Temp: ??c

Bottom Time: 70minutes

Max Depth: 5m

Details: We headed back towards Victoria from Whyalla, and decided to stop over in Port Hughes which is apparently a great night dive, and a good spot for angler fish. Unfortunately an onshore wind picked up and it made for a very surgey dive. I can imagine it would be a very good dive, but with a macro lens on in the surgey conditions and cold water temperatures it was a less than am ideal night dive. We did spot a Sand Octopus, Wavy Grubfish, some Decorator crabs, Cowfish and pipefish, but no luck finding any anglerfish or Warty Prowfish.

Camera Details: Canon 60mm 2 X Inon z240 Strobes + YS-D1