Date: 26th March 2016


Visibilty: 7m

Water Temp: ??c

Bottom Time: 70minutes

Max Depth: 18m

Details: On a trip up to the Blue Mountains, we stopped in Sydney for the first couple of days to do some diving. Weather wasn’t very conducive to diving though, and although i’d planned to dive Bare Island, ship Rock was my fall back dive. I wasn’t disappointed though, this was a fantastic dive, with so much going on. Big schools of Stripies, old wives, leatherjackets, and yellow tailed scad. Pineapple fish under the ledges with Gloomy Octopus, catfish, and moray eels. Plus scorpionfish sitting up on the spoage covered rocks trying to blend in. A dive i hope to do again if i’m ever in Sydney.

Camera Details: Tokina 10-17mm, 2 X YS-D1 Strobes